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IG - Boost

Capsules of Bovine Colostrum

BOVINE COLOSTRUM is the first milk from the mammary glands of female mammals after they give birth to their little ones. BOVINE colorstrum collected after the birth of calf in 4 times more strong than human colostrum

Bovine Colostrum VS Human Colostrum

Bovine Colostrum is biologically transferable to all mammals including man. Bovine Colostrum has much higher strength of lmmune factors than human mother's colorstrum.

  • Boosts Immunity : For all age groups
  • Very good for Digestive health : contains both probiotics & antibodies 
  • Contains almost 90 components : Rich in immune factors & growth factors
  • Clinical proven results in cancer Diabetes, Weight loss Allergy, all kinds of acute and chronic infections

Why IG Boost ?

  • Bovine Colosturm in IG Boost is standardized to contain not less than 25% immunoglobulins
  • It is First Milking Certified
  • Free from Pesticides : The cattle is fed with food which is Organically grown, Using no Pesticides
  • Vegetarian Empty capsules shell made from HPMC where as other products have non vegetarian Capsules shells made of Gelatin.