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Is an endevour from 40 years old LA GRANDE group to provide world class, standardized Herbal Ayurvedic and Nutraceutical products and supplements. (India ranks among the lowest in the world in the consumption of nutraceuticals.

India too is the world capital for Diabetes, Cancer and other chronic complications. We feel it is a shame for a country that has the wealth of Herbs and its knowledge compilated in its Vedas ie. Ayurveda.)

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In Juices !

Superior Skin Care

Love Your Skin

Healthy Looking Skin & Anti-Aging Solutions

Our products are made from completely natural and herbal ingredients with apt chemical balance and contents.

Great Supplement

Boost Your Immunity

Bioflavanoids increase the Absorption, Bioavaialability and Metabolism of Vitamin C.

  • Promotes blood vessel health, including improving capillary strength.
  • Prevents accumulation of atherosclerotic plaque.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties acting against histamines.
  • Helps protect against infection and blood vessel disease.

Joint Care

Joint & Bone Solution

Take An Early Step To Remove Your Pain!

  • Eucalyptus 15%
  • Mahanarayan Oil 35%
  • Dhup Saral 3%
  • Menthol 3%

Combining benefits of Nature & Science

Provide Best Services

Quality products

We have worked throughout the years to maintain high standards in our Food Supplements, special Products, Capsules, syrups, etc.

Manufacture Unit

Our fully equipped modern manufacturing facilities is spread over an area of 21,000 sq feet with Quality Control Laboratory.

Compliance with medical standards

We are endowed with a sound processing facility equipped with latest blast furnaces and machines.

Immune Factors

Boost Immunity: for all age groups.

Capsules of Bovine Colostrum

First milk form the mammary glands of female mammals.


Contains almost 90 components.

Very Good For G.I.T. Health

contains both Probiotics & Antibodies.